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Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchen

The traditional kitchen captures most people's imagination. Warm and endearing, they are a lovely reminder of days gone by, hearty meals, cake baking, Agas and roaring fires, all take many of us back to our childhoods. Now there are so many options to personalise your traditional kitchen it is difficult to choose. Wooden kitchens and painted finishes are both available in a wealth of patinas, distresses and antiqued applications. Whilst a traditional style carries a luxury kitchen stigma this does not have to reflect in the price when trying to achieve that country or period feel. The traditional kitchen now looks just as at home in the town centre as it did the countryside. The wooden kitchens available are stylish and vibrant or muted and characteristic. One way of choosing the traditional kitchen design that is right for you is to get as close to the period of your property as you can in terms of door style, then drag it on through the ages with careful application of modern finishing techniques and accessories. Framed kitchens can add that feeling of a bespoke kitchen without the price tag attached and if you want to save more money you can opt for one of the many vinyl or foil finished kitchens. These still follow all the wooden kitchen door designs but at a reduced cost, this is worth bearing in mind as the carcases are essentially the same. As always if you have any questions we are more than happy to advise on 01242 226912.

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