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Welcome To CK Kitchens

Welcome To CK  Kitchens
We cater for all types of kitchen accessories, which you can purchase online. These include, worktops, taps, sinks, doors, lights, drawers, breakfast bar legs, bins and much more.

All of our components are of the highest quality, but at the lowest price you will find.

Cheltenham Showroom Details

Cheltenham Showroom Details

Modern Kitchens

Traditional Kitchens

Free Kitchen Design

What you get for FREE with our kitchen design service!!!
- Dimensional Plan
- 3D rendered Drawing [example above]
- Full FREE no obligation quotation.

Kitchen Sinks

A high quality range, the collection features standard inset sink options, corner sinks, belfast sinks, ceramic sinks and undermount sinks

Kitchen Door Replacements

Why not choose from our outstanding range including:

Timber doors
Painted doors
Framed kitchen doors
Vinyl, High Gloss and PVC doors
Foil and Laminated doors
Stainless Steel door
Tabour Unit Doors
Aluiminium / Stainless Steel Glass doors

Kitchen Taps

15% off our standard prices for a limited time!!

A wide selection of high quality -

Modern Taps: chrome, pewter and stainless steel finishes
Traditional Taps: chrome, gold, pewter, nickel and bronze effects

Starting from as little as £27.65 per tap

Kitchen Worktops

Nothing can equal the natural look and feel of wooden / timber worktops or try our extensive range of granite and composite stone worktops

Now offering a custom bespoke worktop service

Kitchen Bins

A wide range of bins suitable for any kitchen. Various sizes and colours available including tilting waste bins, door mounted bins and stainless steel pullout bins

Kitchen Storage Solutions

A wide selection of kitchen pullout units including the new corner solution from Le mans, larder pullout, magic corner and pullout shelves

Soft Close Kitchen Drawers and Cutlery Inserts

Offering soft close drawers and . Accessories including Blum drawer inserts, spice trays and knife tray inserts

CK Kitchens UK Online

The kitchen is without doubt the focal point of any home and a well appointed kitchen is what separates your home from a hotel. After your mortgage, your kitchen will probably be your second biggest investment with regard to your home so it makes economic sense to get it right. It is very important to set a budget when considering a new kitchen or refurbishing an existing one as the array of additional extras you can buy is seemingly endless. Here at CK Kitchens we pride ourselves on providing quality kitchens at affordable prices as well as providing comprehensive and relevant advice to help you select the right products for your own specifications. Before making any final selection we would strongly advise you to take into account any existing fixtures and fittings you may have, although this may seem like common sense it is an element that many people overlook when selecting a new colour scheme. If you are not sure which of our massive range of UK Kitchens best fits your specifications please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, we are happy to help.

A Social Setting

Aside from the usual functions of a kitchen such as cooking and washing it should also be noted that this very special area provides a social setting for many people. People you know that drop in regularly will always be more familiar with your kitchen than probably any other area of the house as this the area where people usually pop by for a cup of tea or a chat. Although you wouldn't generally select a kitchen on the basis of what other people may think, functionality is a major consideration. Please take your time to browse our website in order to find exactly the right set up to fit in with your requirements. As well as supplying UK kitchens and kitchen replacement doors we also provide a valuable installation service to our customers. Contrary to popular belief fitting a kitchen correctly is a specialised discipline and if you have seen a 'gone wrong' DIY attempt before you will know exactly what we mean. Not only does this type of unprofessional installation disrupt your life, it can also cost you a significant amount of money to put right. Don't go it alone with UK Kitchens, call the professionals at CK kitchens.

Second Nature Kitchens

For the convenience of our customers we offer a number of different ways to order your kitchen or kitchen accessories. The most popular way of ordering is by phone; our experienced team can take into account all you requirements and provide the necessary advice specific to your needs. Before you call please ensure you have the product codes at hand and the address to where you want your UK Kitchens to be delivered. Please note we require payment in advance on all orders and for reasons of security cannot dispatch until funds have cleared into our bank account. As this is truly the modern age online ordering is becoming increasingly popular with an ever growing number of our customers, this process is simplicity itself. Simply browse our website and add the products required to basket, check out and away you go. You will then be directed to a screen which asks for a number of personal details including name, address and telephone number and also asked to enter your card details. We accept all major credit cards and your details are protected by our state of the art 128 bit encrypted payment system. CK Kitchens the only choice for UK Kitchens.

Kitchen Replacement Doors

By Far the most popular line we are currently selling are our second nature kitchens, these kitchens combine all the functionality you?d expect from modern design with an additional element of style befitting of a 21st Century home. If you cannot see exactly the right UK Kitchens you require at this present time please be sure to call us and enquire as to availability. Our buyers search far and wide for products that we think will appeal to our customers and as a result new stock is arriving all the time and there might be a slight delay in the time between the stock arrives and being featured on our website. The internet, like anything, is prone to the occasional lapse so if you should notice anything wrong with our website we would appreciate your feedback, our technical team can then rectify any problems from our end. If you are involved in the new build or Real Estate sectors we can also be of service to you, a growing number of our customers are calling us and asking for advice about trade discounts and although we cannot guarantee substantial discounts, our business to business team are well versed in dealing with UK Kitchens enquiries of this nature.

Affordable Quality.

People often enquire as to how we can supply quality goods at such cheap prices, the answer is simple. Instead of engaging the services of a middleman and incurring the associated costs we always endeavour to secure the products we sell from their source or as near to the source as possible, we are then able to pass these significant savings onto you, the valued customer. In addition to supplying top quality products with an unrivalled level of customer service we can also provide a UK Kitchens design service. Included in this service are a dimensional plan, 3D rendered drawing and also a full and free no obligation quotation. We believe that it is services like this which set us apart from our competitiors and go someway to reinforcing our position as the leading kitchen company in our region. Although we do not personally provide an installation service, we are happy to recommend local installers with whom we have worked in the past.
To reiterate, if you have any questions regarding either the products or services we supply please do not hesitate to contact us, your perfect UK Kitchens are our job satisfaction.

Customer Service as a Priority

As a leading kitchens company we realise the importance of putting the customer first and one call to us will illustrate this bold claim. Your call or e-mail to us will be greeted with genuine enthusiasm and a willingness to help by a specialist with years of experience within the industry. In the rare event that your call is received by someone who does not have the answer to your query you can rest assured that we have someone on site that does. Our staff were chosen not only for their experience in their particular field and professional acumen but also for their exemplary people skills and as a result we are sure you will not find a more comprehensive or courteous UK Kitchens service anywhere. If you require any further information as to our credentials please do not hesitate to contact us for some testimonials from previously very satisfied customers. These customers were under absolutely no obligation to write these testimonials they simply wanted to congratulate us on a job well done. You've identified a need, you've set your budget and you've arrived at the right site, what are you waiting for? Call CK Kitchens today for the ultimate choice and service in regard to UK Kitchens.

Refer to the following important kitchen information:

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