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All You need to Know about MEASURING DOORS & DRAWER FRONTS

To get an idea of what your new doors will cost you must first measure their height and width, preferrably in millimetres (mm). Whilst a reasonable degree of accuracy is required a household tape-measure is a perfectly adequate measuring tool. Cabinet
doors are made within manufacturing tolerances of +/- 1 mm but as long as they are not so big that they rub against a neighbouring item, greater flexibility is acceptable.

As you are considering a refurbishment you have probably looked at your existing doors more closely than you normally would and may have noticed gaps between adjacent doors. These are not mistakes in the original installation, they are necessary to allow the doors to open and close freely without touching other items. Doors and drawer fronts are usually smaller, all around, than the cabinet to which they are fitted. A typical kitchen cabinet measuring 720mm high x 500mm wide will have a door measuring 715mm high x 496mm wide.

It is worth bearing this in mind when recording your sizes for quotation because most Made to Measure doors are priced in steps and by exceeding a step by only 1mm will cause the door to be priced at the next step up. In other words, to use the previous example, if you record the door size as 715mmH x 496mmW for many door ranges you will be quoted significantly less than if you record 720mmH x 500mmW (the cabinet size).

Before we actually start to Measure just a few words about metric measurements. We know from fairly frequent discussions with customers that many people still find them confusing. If you are happier measuring in inches this is fine, you can send us a list of sizes by Email and we will convert them before calculating the price.

To convert imperial measurements to metric, multiply inches by 25.4. For instance a door width measuring 19.5 inches converts to 495mm (19.5 x 25.4).

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