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Broadoak Paint to Order - Second Nature Kitchens

Second Nature Collection - Broadoak Painted

Second Nature Collection - Broadoak Painted
Illustration shows Broadoak Vino, Porcelain and Natural

Free Kitchen Design

Free Kitchen Design
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Broadoak Painted

Broadoak Painted
Illustaration shows Almond colour option

Second Nature Broadoak Painted

Broadoak epitomises the simple values and clean design lines of the Shaker movement.
Its unfussy style and the natural appearance of real wood is as relevant to contemporary living as to a carefully styled period home.

Door colour - 32 colour options
Colour match carcase - No
Door style - Shaker
Door material - Timber
Finish - Painted
Bespoke colour options available - No
Bespoke door sizes available - No
Rigid built carcase with door and drawer fronts pre-fitted
Blum soft close doors and drawers

Estimated delivery time - 5-6 weeks

Paint Options

Paint Options

Bespoke Paint Options

This is where you can let your imagination run wild. Simply supply us with a paint code and, for a reasonable price, we can send your kitchen to our specialist spray shop to create a truely individual kitchen for your home. Dont know the paint code? dont worry if you send us a sample we can have it analysed in our lab for a small fee to find its origins and mix the paint accordingly.

Broadoak Painted Door Sample 570x397

Price: 92.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: Broadoak570x397

Please call 01242 226912 for further details on this kitchen

Just Need Kitchen Door Replacements

Just Need Kitchen Door Replacements

To see the cost of just the kitchen doors please click here

Carcases & Doors

Carcases & Doors
We only use the highest grade carcases which are 18mm thick, including the back panel. If you have any drawers in your kitchen, then we use Blum Soft Close drawers as standard. The carcases also come colour coordinated with your door, thus not needing to add end panels to cover the white exposed carcase.

The doors are of the highest quality. They all have gold stamp from FIRA which tests for durability and quality of manufacture.

To see the carcase & door options available please click here

Blum Drawers

Blum Drawers
For silent and effortless closing action
The demand from Blum was to develop a new, technically savvy and inspiring closing function. The action of closing drawers. The result of these efforts is BLUMOTION - perfect motion, silent and effortless.

This means that drawers will close silently and effortlessly without knocking against the cabinet or springing back.

Adaptive system The adaptive system
It doesn't matter whether drawers are pushed gently or with force, heavily laden or empty thanks to BLUMOTION, they will all close silently and effortlessly. The stronger the force of motion the stronger the BLUMOTION effect.

* Unsurpassed running action using the TANDEM runner principle
* Silent and effortless closing thanks to BLUMOTION
* Full extension for a good view and direct access
* Simple assembly, easy setup
* Excellent durability