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Basket for Arena Classic larder pull-outs, 300mm (KABAS300CM)

Basket for Arena Classic larder pull-outs, 300mm (KABAS300CM)

Ref: 74886832843

Additional basket for Arena Classic pull-outs, chrome

Additional basket to suit the KALF300SC dispensa-v arena. It integrates a sturdy anti-slip shelf in grey speckle finish, with chrome galleries. 1 x pair KBASFASC extension clips should be ordered with each additional arena basket.

Basket size: 250 x 450 x 105mm.

General information

Additional baskets are available for dispensa-v pull out larders when they are extended to full height. 1x pair basket clips (fasteners) should be ordered for each additional basket used. Baskets and clips are available in colours and sizes to suit all dispensa-v options.

Price: 38.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

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