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Bespoke Kitchens & Solid Wood Handmade Kitchens

What is the Bespoke Chimera Kitchen Collection

Bespoke is a British English term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer's specification, couple this with Chimera; an Illusion, Dream or Fantasy - and here in our Bespoke section we make dream kitchens a reality.

Our craftsmen will work tirelessly to bring forth the realisation of a traditionally crafted exquisite handmade kitchen. The Bespoke Chimera Collection will no doubt satisfy any urge for decorous indulgences during the design process and will deliver sumptuous results that will leave your peers gasping.

Each of our Bespoke kitchen doors can be exposed to numerous finishing techniques for example; Sanded, Antiqued, Distressed, Antiqued & Distressed, Full Patina, Full Patina & Distressed and Dubbed Corners or Pegged Corners. No matter which effects you choose the result will be a handmade luxury kitchen crafted to the enth degree.

What is the Bespoke Chimera Kitchen Collection

Bespoke In-framed Door Kitchens

Bespoke Conventional Door Kitchens

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<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Pittville</span>

The Pittville

Ref: The Pittville
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Fairview </span>

The Fairview

Ref: The Fairview
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Montpellier</span>

The Montpellier

Ref: The Montpellier
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Prestbury</span>

The Prestbury

Ref: The Prestbury
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Battledowne</span>

The Battledowne

Ref: The Battledowne
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Leckhampton</span>

The Leckhampton

Ref: The Leckhampton
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Painswicke</span>

The Painswicke

Ref: The Painswicke
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Broadway</span>

The Broadway

Ref: The Broadway
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Bourton</span>

The Bourton

Ref: The Bourton
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Winchcombe</span>

The Winchcombe

Ref: The Winchcombe
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Gotherington</span>

The Gotherington

Ref: The Gotherington
<span style='font-family: Georgia;'>The Cheltenham</span>

The Cheltenham

Ref: The Cheltenham

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