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Shaker (Bella by BA)

Illustrated here in Swiss Pear

Illustrated here in Swiss Pear
See below for further colour options

Shaker Kitchen Door

The Shaker kitchen design is a staple in the kitchen industry. The Swiss Pear Shaker kitchen from the Bella by BA range is functional yet beautiful. The Swiss Pear colour of the kitchen doors work well with nearly any colour scheme, so you can mix and match kitchen wall colours and worktops with whichever decor you choose.

Team up the Swiss Pear Shaker kitchen doors with simplistic handles to complete the look, and if your kitchen space allows you, why not go for an island feature. BA also offer curved kitchen doors which can be made as part of the Swiss Pear Shaker kitchen.

Bespoke Made To Measure Doors

All of these kitchen doors can be made to any size, they can be used for new kitchens along with our range of carcasses or replacement cabinet doors to make your kitchen like new.

If you are just replacing your existing kitchen cabinet doors it is quite easy to measure them in mm`s from the back of the door or drawer front.

Each of the kitchen doors can be made in a large range of colours. See below

Contact CK Kitchens on 01242 226912 for more details



Woodgrain colours are available with vertical or horizontal grain direction. You choose!

Unless otherwise requested woodgrains are vertical on doors and horizontal on small drawer fronts except High Gloss Snow Larch which is horizontal on both doors and drawer fronts.

Other door finishes available in this door range

Other door finishes available in this door range

You can choose any of the following colour or grain pattern in this door style.

NB This range is not available in High Gloss Colours

colour choices

colour choices

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