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Update Your Kitchen With Replacement Doors

Everyone loves the idea of having a beautiful new kitchen, but the cost of a complete remodel can often put the project on hold. New kitchen cabinets can be one of the most expensive elements of a kitchen redesign project, so a great way to cut the cost down to size is replacing the door and drawer fronts on your present cabinet bases.

The first thing to be considered is the condition of the current cabinets, and whether they are in the configuration you need. If the current cabinets serve their purpose adequately, just replacing the doors and drawer fronts enables you to transform the look of your kitchen without needing to also replace all the units and worktops.

Often people purchase a home that does not quite meet all their wants and needs because the price is right, or because most of their desired amenities are there. While completely gutting the kitchen and starting over may be an option for some, the total cost of such a project may be more than your budget will allow, particularly when all the costs associated with moving home have recently been paid.

This situation does not need to prevent you from going forward with the update. A simple and much less expensive option is to reface the kitchen cabinets with new doors and drawer fronts in the style and finish you desire. Replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts are simple to fit and most people who have a basic understanding of home improvement can easily accomplish the task.

There are many choices of replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts available, so whether the preferred look is traditional, modern or anywhere in between, refacing can transform the old kitchen to one that looks brand new. It is also a great idea to replace the hinges and handles, or even choose concealed hinges for a sleek appearance.

If the boxes of the cabinet base are worn or of a distinctly different color than the replacement doors, they can be laminated with a matching material, giving a totally new appearance to the cabinets. Another option is to paint the interior of the cabinet bases to make them look new inside and out. Cabinet doors with glass inserts are very attractive and popular, and a light colored paint on the interior of the cabinet can be shown off in this way.

Replacing the drawer fronts and doors in a kitchen refacing project does not require any changes be made to the counter tops, sink or back splash areas. This simplifies the work, and these changes can always be made at a later date if needed when budget allows.

Creating a beautiful, updated kitchen at the minimum cost is the objective of most homeowners. The availability of replacement kitchen cabinet doors is a great option for anyone interested in investing some time and effort into a kitchen remodel.

If you are thinking about replacing your existing kitchen doors then get in touch. We have a huge range of styles and sizes to choose from and our professional team will talk through the options with you and help you find exactly what you need.
Keeping Your Kitchen on Trend in 2018

Are you thinking about updating your kitchen this year? If you are, it's only natural that you want to find about the current trends - what is hot for 2018 and what will make your kitchen the envy of your friends and family.

Like fashion, kitchens change style with each passing year, although a new kitchen will certainly have more lasting power than a new dress or shirt.

So what are the latest trends you ask? Well there are a few but there is no better place to start than with handleless kitchen doors. That's right, cupboard doors with no handles!
Handleless kitchen doors are all the rage at the moment; the chances are you would have already seen them on various television programs and advertisements. Having no handles on the cupboards is in keeping with the current "minimalist" theme in kitchens, keeping everything as streamline as possible with nice clean unblocked lines. This uncluttered look is becoming very popular with another trend - high gloss.

High-gloss finished kitchens come in a range of colours and styles and are perfect if you are looking to brighten up a dark space. The choice of colours means that you can be as extravagant as you like. And don't think that the gloss finish is the same as paint you use on your skirting-boards - It is a lot more classy than that. With PVC, Vinyl and lacquered finishes available, high-gloss is sultry and stylish.

Modern kitchens in a high-gloss finish are not for everyone though, and many may prefer the trend towards painted doors. Having your kitchen doors professionally spray painted is an excellent way of freshening up your kitchen on a budget and can completely transform the look in the process. Mornington, Langton, Porter and Remo are all popular styles.

Worktop textures and different effects can add a lot to a kitchen, using granite or quartz with different edging can provide a unique look.

Experimenting with sink taps is also a current trend. Modern streamlined kitchens with the regular old twist top hot and cold taps is not really a good look, so it could be worth looking towards a chrome tap. A curved model will be in keeping with the current trend of curved furniture.

A kitchen is the centre-piece of the home; make sure you keep it on trend!

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